Proalpha Project

Stay ahead in the game of life with Proalpha

With Proalpha, you can discover the ability to develop and enhance your identity, purpose, and brand.

Along with this also comes the ability to manage your emotions, clarity, autonomy and the interdependence needed to succeed in life today.


You will find the missing pieces of your current life, the pieces perfectly fitting together and making one grand story.

In his book, The Three Great Games of Life, John Laney states “Life requires you to focus on three major domains. It gives you no choice.” He goes on to describe these three areas as:
a) The Great Game of Relationships; b) The Great Game of Money; c) The Great Game of Significance

While for most of us, life certainly doesn’t seem like a game, the perspective can be quite useful.

Some of us are good at one or two of the games, and not so good at the others, some of us are failing (losing) at one or more of these games, and all of us would generally like to win in all these three games.

Proalpha is not only about corporate personnel development but is also about adding value and that extra ability to get ahead and winning in all the areas of life.

The learning modules at Proalpha include activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhancing the overall quality of life and contributing to the realisation of dreams and aspirations.

Proalpha also recognises the need for language skills in the modern world. In today’s competitive world, it is just not sufficient to have a technical qualification, one needs to stand out in the crowd of millions of aspirants in order to be successful. Thus, in such a scenario, knowing right English foreign languages can give a head start to your career making you an ideal choice of companies for global operations.

Oh, all the wonderful things that you will become, with Proalpha

Our Approach


Letting you discover a formula that will tap the alpha in you. It will help you gain clarity in your purpose. Proalpha will help identify the spheres in your life that need work to attain maximum potential and capability in life.


Proalpha gives you choices, not for one, but improving all areas of life. Be it communication with your partner or colleagues, finding your own personality, selecting a style for your personality, igniting spark with your partner or learning technical skills, etc. This step will leave you surprised about the fact that you can really take control of your internal and external environment through self-development.


Choose from an entire range of courses. Observe your life closely and see what would suit you professionally and personally. All of these courses have overlapping benefits. While learning more about the courses we offer, you will gain perspective that one course can positively affect all areas of your life.


The courses that you will choose to learn will lead to a changed you. Achieve your internal & external growth.

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